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Trademarks, business names in use, domain names, NUANS report, etc.

Our team has more than 30 years of experience searching databases and licensing policies for current business names. We search through every possible variation of a given word or group of words that are liable to confuse consumers due to phonetic, structural or conceptual similarities.

We offer a comprehensive name search report for complex searches or searches related to a business that will be registered in Quebec. The report, generated from various common law directories and other databases, contains a list of all relevant trade names being used in Canada.

Information about names in use

The report contains information about business names in use, such as details related to business type, location and area of business, to help determine whether said names pose an actual or just perceived risk of being confused with the proposed name.

Highlighting of problematic results

We single out results that are identical to your query or liable to cause confusion. You can identify them quickly and easily, allowing you to consider other options right away.

User-friendly search reports

These professionally presented reports are bookmarked to keep track of previously viewed databases, which makes them much easier to peruse and understand.

These services are available throughout Canada, the United States, and many other countries.

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Did you know?

The sheer number of free databases available and the ease with which it is now possible to access a wealth of information on the Web may lead to the assumption that searching the REQ (for example) in combination with a search engine as popular and powerful as Google® would be the most effective approach. But it’s not.

Find out why by downloading our report entitled Les recherches gratuites (French only) >