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Due Diligence

Make informed decisions.

Mergers and acquisitions, private financings, investments, share and asset purchases, etc.

Our due diligence services help you obtain current and historical information about corporations, businesses and individuals across Canada, the United States and in many other countries.

In addition, our advanced search report brings together all of your search results into a single, detailed, easy-to-read, forward-and-edit document. Note that individual reports are also available.

Corporation and Business Searches

Search for corporate and business information on public government registries across Canada and the U.S. Confirm key information pertaining to corporations and businesses, including:

  • status and existence
  • current name and any French form of the name
  • former names or predecessors
  • related registered business names
  • registered office address
  • directors’ and officers’ information
  • information related to document filings.

Due Diligence Searches

Support transactions such as merger and acquisition deals, private financings, investments and asset purchases by performing nationwide due diligence searches, including but not limited to, bankruptcy, PPSA/liens, Bank Act, Corporation information searches, Litigation and more.

Real Estate and Related Searches

Search land in the Registry and Land Titles systems across Canada. Determine ownership of lands and identify encumbrances registered on title. Obtain information related to an address or current owner(s) of a property. Determine the status and nature of a company’s title to real property and whether there are any encumbrances, mortgages, or other changes registered against a real property.

RDPRM / PPSA / UCC Searches

Search for registered liens and security interests across Canada and the U.S.A. on Corporations, Business Names, Individuals and Motor Vehicle Identification Numbers. Check to see whether the personal property of a business or individual is encumbered and subject to the security interests of creditors. Professionally presented reports are bookmarked to keep track of previously viewed databases, which makes them much easier to peruse and understand.

Most Popular Searches

  • • Corporation Profile   • PPSA   • Litigation   • Bankruptcy   • Bank Act   • Real Estate   • Environmental

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These services are available throughout Canada, the United States, and many other countries.

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