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Save time and money by gathering all your mandates under one roof.

A comprehensive solution

We take all the necessary steps related to building and maintaining your client’s business in addition to providing such services as buy-sell agreements upon death of shareholder and personalized share certificates. We also have a large inventory of corporate books and supplies.

Make sure that your documents are in compliance

All the data entered in Netco™ is validated (and corrected, if need be) by our team prior to its final submission – unlike the REQ’s online submission system, which does not offer a validation solution.

Manage the costs associated with each transaction

Netco™ adjusts the prices currently displayed upon the selection of one or more services and provides a cash advance service at no additional cost.

Make data entry easier

Netco™ automatically extracts company data submitted to the REQ. This automatic data capture eliminates inconsistencies between the government’s information and the information in your file and reduces data entry time.

A complete listing of schedules and by-Laws

Netco™ provides schedules and by-laws for all other professional activities carried out within a business.

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Ready to streamline your workflow?

Services offered on Netco™

The consolidation of your tasks on a single, intuitive self-service platform helps standardize and simplify their execution.

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New Marque D'or clients

New Marque D’or clients can fill out a registration form by clicking here. To log in, please use the information included in the confirmation email that we will send you after we’ve received your request.

Existing Marque D'or clients

Existing Marque D’or clients can email us at mdo.info@dyedurham.com so that we can set up their Netco™ account.