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Extra Provincial Services

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All of whom are able to operate in every Canadian jurisdiction and in several other countries.

Please note, some extra provincial services are only available to legal professionals, such as lawyers and notaries.

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All Canadian provinces require that your entity or company, regardless of its legal form, be registered in the province where you do business or engage in profit-making activities. We fill out the required documents and file applications in each province.

Due Diligence

Perform accurate due diligence research on corporations, businesses and individuals. Obtain current and historical information relating to legal disputes, judgments, bankruptcy, security interests, etc. Enjoy real-time access to up to date corporate and business reports.

Legal Drafting

We provide a legal drafting service in all jurisdictions across Canada for, among other things, articles relating to amalgamation, continuance, amendment, change of directors, change of registered office and special resolutions. We also prepare annual reports and annual maintenance documentation.

Incorporations and Organizational Proceedings

All documents are drafted in compliance with various levels of the provincial and federal governments. We file articles and register your corporation with various institutions on your behalf. We also provide minute books and legal accessories for each jurisdiction.

Agent Representation

Please contact us for more information on our agent services.

Name Searches

We provide NUANS™ name search reports, as well as other types of provincial reports required in certain provinces. We can also conduct a Canada-wide search to ensure the availability of your company’s name. We provide solutions should your name not comply with current regulations.

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