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All legal drafting services are offered exclusively to lawyers and notaries.

You’ll never miss out on a mandate.
Whether you have ongoing or short-term needs owing to a shortened deadline, a sudden surge of workload, or simply because you’re on vacation (you’re entitled to some time-off, too), we can help you. Marque d’or has the largest team of experts in Quebec. Never refuse another mandate and offer your clients a quick, comprehensive professional solution.

REQ Declarations / Annual Reports / Notices

  • Registration or Initial returns
  • Annual updates
  • Regular updates
  • Cancellation
  • Notices of change of directors or change of registered office address (FED)
  • Annual Report (FED)

These services apply to every type of business, e.g., sole proprietorships, limited partnerships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, syndicates of co-ownership (condominiums), commercial trusts, other organizations, etc.

Custom-made share capital and agreements

  • Shareholders’ agreement
  • Holders’ agreement
  • Unanimous agreement
  • Buy-sell agreement upon death of a shareholder
Agreements and share capital (or social) are drafted according to your needs and requirements. No restrictions for share classes.

Share Transactions

  • Subscription
  • Purchase
  • Redemption
  • Share transfers
  • Freezes and rollovers:

Share-for-share exchange (s. 51 ITA)
Transfer of property to a corporation (s. 85 ITA)
Reorganization of capital (s. 86 ITA)

Changes in legal personality (QBCA / CBCA)

  • Amalgamation (short form / long form)
  • Continuance (import / export)
  • Dissolution
  • Amendment
  • Revocation of cancellation (Quebec)
  • Revival

These services are available throughout Canada, the United States, and many other countries.

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